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Wine Tastings

Looking to sample some different? Something new?

wine600At Winemark we pride ourselves on our extensive Wine Knowledge, that we are more than eager to share with our customers. In-Store we usually have a sample product available for our customers’ each weekend, so everyone can indulge in something new!

Here is what Craig Walker, Store Manager at Groomsport Road, commented:

“In Winemark we offer weekly tastings to our customers. This gives the customer the opportunity to sample our new wines, beers and spirits before choosing what to buy. Our staff are keen to talk to customers about the products and are well trained in the understanding of wine, its production, grape varieties and food pairings. In many cases staff hold ‘Wine & Spirit Education Trust’ certificates, as high as advanced level.

As well as weekly tastings we occasionally hold ‘Winefest’, wine and food events, in store where we treat our customers to a selection of wines and hors d’oeuvres. This allows us to build on our rapport with customers in a less formal setting within the store.”

Why not try and raise funds for a local charity or organisation?

We can cater Wine Tasting Events, provide a Wine Enthusiast to lead the event, provide tasting notes, Wines and glasses to make an event most enjoyable!

We at Winemark can make your event run smoothly without worry or confusion. Please Contact Us directly or via your local store.